Maintaining & treating

peri-implant tissues

Course dates

     15th – 16th March 2024










12 Hours

GDC Development Outcomes A, B and C

Course Overview

The course will cover the core aspects of monitoring, assessment and tests to determine the oral health of the implant patient.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Understand the components and different implant types.
  2. Identify and modify the risk factors for the health of the peri-implant tissues.
  3. Identify the differences in periodontal diseases and peri-implant diseases.
  4. Diagnose peri-implant disease.
  5. Use evidence-based guidelines to help develop practice protocols for monitoring and maintaining dental implants.
  6. Use evidence-based guidelines to help develop practice protocols for managing and treating peri-implant disease.
  7. Have hands-on experience of correcting probing and debridement techniques.
  8. Develop further understanding of referral pathways and when to refer.

Candidates completing the course will be awarded an eCPD certificate fulfilling GDC learning outcomes A, B and C.

Why attend this course?

This course aims to empower the dental team with the confidence and knowledge to recognise, monitor and treat peri-implant disease.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have booked onto this course but can no longer attend?

If you have made a payment, or have reserved a place, please email as soon as possible so we can reallocate your place and/or defer you to the next cohort. We offer a full course fee refund if you inform us more than 4 weeks prior to the first course date. If you are halfway through your course and can no longer continue, you will have the option to join the next cohort in accordance with where you left off.

Who can I contact for more information about this course?

Please contact the ICE Education Team


Τel: 0161 413 8336

How long does this course last?

  • This is a 2-day course delivered at ICE, Salford Quays, on a Friday and Saturday.