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44 hours


This course is led by Professor Cemal Ucer & Professor Simon Wright MBE and is
accredited by the University of Salford

This blended advanced CPD programme will be delivered
over a period of 3 months by ICE’s renowned faculty of
recognised implant education providers. The course is
comprised of:

  • Part 1 – Pre-course preparatory webinars
  • 2nd February 2024 – Part 2 – Face-to-Face teaching and surgical & restorative
    live surgery, involving implant placement and same day teeth immediate loading protocols
  • 3rd February 2024 – Part  3 – Hands-on training and skills development workshops
  • Part  4 – Supervised Clinical Training (optional at additional cost)

Lectures include:
  • Classification of full arch treatment options. Surgical Strategies for the treatment of atrophic jaw (including sinus grafting)
  • Full arch rehabilitation with dental implants: critical review of treatment options
  • Advanced implant techniques and site specific implants: short and tilted implants, Pterygoids, trans-sinus and Nasal rim implants
  • Applications of digital workflow in full mouth oral implant rehabilitation
  • CBCT interpretation and use of 3D dental implant planning software
  • Guided surgery – surgical guide design – R2Gate
  • Guided surgery: fully guided full arch reconstruction with immediate “same day” loading
  • Full denture construction: impression techniques and materials, bite registration etc.
  • Laboratory and technical principles and protocols
  • Temporisation
  • Stages of full single/dual arch implant rehabilitation (e.g. impressions, bite registration, articulation, cosmetic try-in, copy denture technique, construction of abutment location acrylic guide, surgical guide, consent etc.)
  • Human Factors and Medico-legal considerations
  • Consent
  • Maintenance of Peri-Implant health

Aims & Learning Objectives

Advanced Certificate in Full Mouth Oral Implant Rehabilitation

This Advanced Certificate is offered by ICE Postgraduate Dental institute and Hospital and is accredited by the University of Salford, as part of its advanced series of implantology training programmes, designed for the experienced implant dentist who wishes to expand the scope of their implantology practice to include the reconstruction of fully edentulous/atrophic single or dual arches.

This unique programme provides highly structured and comprehensive training in
reconstructive oral implant surgery and prosthodontics, for the rehabilitation of this group of
fully edentulous patients, who suffer both functional and aesthetic problems due to increasing
post-extraction hard and soft tissue disuse atrophy.


On completion of the course, the participants will develop knowledge and skills to carry out predictable single or dual arch oral implant reconstructive dentistry using evidence-based protocols developed and researched at ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital.

The course participants will learn:

1) 3D patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning protocols
2) 3D diagnostic imaging and CBCT interpretation
3) Strategies for treating the atrophic jaw including acomprehensive review of different grafting techniques and biomaterials
4) Critical review of prosthodontic treatment options for the severely atrophic jaw: fixed vs removable prosthesis or hybrids
5) Surgical options for treating the atrophic/fully edentulous jaw including site specific implants: short implants, tilted implants, trans-sinus & nazalus implants, Pterygoids, Zygomatic implants and 3D printed customised implants
6) Anatomically and prosthodontically guided implant placement and restorative techniques
7) Immediate, same day loading of full arch cases
8) Minimally invasive tooth extraction and socket management techniques
9) Immediate implant placement and immediate provisionalisation in fresh extraction sites
10) Technical and laboratory principles and procedures for immediate full arch reconstruction of the fully edentulous jaw
11) Periodontal and peri-implant assessment and maintenance
12) Soft tissue management and maintenance including soft tissue grafting and vestibuloplasty techniques
13) 3D digital workflow and analogue techniques for treatment planning, guided surgery, placement and immediate loading of full arch restorations

Course Benefits

• Benefit from the ICE Faculty’s 1-to-1 individual support and mentoring experience developed by its directors over 3 decades of published research and teaching

• Incorporate this advanced/complex oral implant rehabilitation modality to your existing implant practice

• Learn how to offer customised treatment options according to each individual patient’s own anatomical, aesthetic and functional requirements

• Develop skills in full analogue & digital workflow including initial assessment, CBCT scan interpretation, 3D prosthodontic & surgical treatment planning and guided surgery

• Treat patients in-house rather than referring more complex cases to other centres

• Learn to manage both surgical and prosthodontic phases of advanced oral implant rehabilitation

• Learn how to use ICE highly structured protocols for methodological assessment, treatment planning and delivery of surgical and prosthodontic treatment phases to achieve predictable and consistent results designed to fulfil high patient expectations

• Increase practice turnover and profits by offering advanced treatment options

• Develop a local referral network for treatment of advanced/complex implant cases

• Receive support from ICE’s partnering implant and biomaterials companies including Geistlich, Ethoss, Megagen, Osstem, Biohorizons, General Medical, R2 Gate, Henry Schein Digital, 3Shape etc.

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Teaching Faculty

Prof. Cemal Ucer

Prof. Cemal Ucer

Specialist Oral Surgeon BDS, MSc, PhD, MFDS RCS (Eng), FCGDent, FDTFEd(RCSEd) | GDC: 57048

Professor of Dental Implantology, School of Health & Society, University of Salford|Fellow of the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons|Director, ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital|Fellow of ITI|Director, Zaga Centre for Oral-Maxillofacial & Dental Implant Reconstruction, Manchester

Professor Simon Wright

Professor Simon Wright


Professor of Dental Implantology, School of Health & Society, University of Salford|Director, ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital|Principal Partner, Glencairn Practice Group|Former Director of Education, Association of Dental Implantology (ADI)

Professor Hugh Devlin

Professor Hugh Devlin

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Specialist Prosthodontist

Registered specialist in Prosthodontics|Graduated from the University of Bristol before completing a Master’s and PhD at the University of Manchester| Hugh is currently a Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester and Specialist Prosthodontist for ICE Hospital

Dr Yusuf Alshafi

Dr Yusuf Alshafi

BDS(Lond), MFDS, RCSEd, MSc (Dental Implants)

Lecturer at the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI)|MSc in Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology|Qualified from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Dental Institute|Awarded Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons

Dr Matt Lawler

Dr Matt Lawler


Lecturer in Dental Implantology, School of Health & Society, University of Salford|Principal Dentist and Clinical Director at PeelHouse Dental Care, Widnes|Specialist in Endodontics, dental implants and advanced restorative dentistry

Ash Patel

Ash Patel

Dental Technician

International Lecturer/Speaker on Guided Surgery & Digital Dentistry|Dental Technician with 10+ years’ experience|Guided Surgery & CAD/CAM specialist|Technical support for UK customers|Manager of R2Gate UK

Jenny Walker

Jenny Walker

Dental Therapist

Lectures at ICE on the MSc Dental Implantology programme and the Maintaining & Treating Peri-Implant Tissues course | Has presented around the UK on implant supportive care|Former Early Career Group representative for the BSP | Part of the S3 Clinical Practice Guidelines I-III Panel and more recently the CPG IV Panel (part rehab)| Together with Kathryn Mayo, Jenny has published numerous articles about periodontal and implant care

Kathryn Mayo Johnson

Kathryn Mayo Johnson


Has worked at ICE since it opened in 2015| Teaches implant supportive care to University of Manchester BSc H&T undergraduates| Along with Jenny Walker, Kathryn has written articles for various publications and lectures at ICE and around the UK on implant supportive care |Was recently involved in the S3 CPG IV Panel (full rehab)

Rachael Gorman

Rachael Gorman

Dental Lab Manager

Lab Technician and Manager|Has spent the last 7 years designing, milling and grinding prosthetics from single crowns on natural teeth to full arch reconstructions on implants|Is extremely experienced and knowledgeable on this technology and is a key member of the digital workflow at Glencairn Dental Practice, Wirral

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