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Why We Must Resist the Trivialisation of Dangerous Medical Procedures

Aesthetic treatments must be taken seriously

Qualified dentist and aesthetic practitioner, Dr Tracey Bell, shares why we must resist the trivialisation of dangerous medical procedures, like botox and fillers and why aesthetic treatments must be taken more seriously.

Botox injectables

It’s easy to see why injectable dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections have been normalised and have become a part of everyday life.

Every day, we are bombarded with photos of celebrities and social media influencers, who are stuffed full of facial fillers and frozen solid with Botox. These treatments can be wonderful when administered safely and appropriately, but they are now so common they are regarded as trivial, easy procedures that are no riskier than a manicure or eyebrow wax. This is absolutely not the case.

Kylie Jenner popularised lip-fillers, in particular amongst you girls desperate to look like their idol. As a result, thousands of unscrupulous people intent on capitalising on the booming aesthetics industry and its lack of regulation are flooding the market, endangering everyone they treat.

All aesthetic treatments require a high level of skill and thorough training to administer. Sadly, there are all too many practitioners willing to disregard their patients’ safety and administer treatments that they’re ill-qualified an ill-trained to carry out.

The pressure to look good is immense. This is reflected in the size of the UK cosmetic surgery industry which is estimated to be worth an eye-watering £3.6 billion. Non – surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers account for £2.75 billion of this figure. ¹

Ironically, it is in the pursuit of looking good that results in many unsuspecting patients being maimed and disfigured by people concerned only with making a quick buck. Dermal fillers and wrinkle-relaxing injections have found their way into the hands of beauticians, hairdressers, and other unsuitably qualified people who often offer treatments at bargain prices, and the public are all the worse because of it.

It’s really important to bear in mind that just because a treatment is popular, it doesn’t mean it’s safe and you must ensure you take all available precautions to make sure your face is in safe hands.

How to protect yourself from rogue practitioners

No aesthetics procedure is risk-free, even when carried out by an impeccably qualified and experienced medical practitioner. “

Tracey continues to describe the implications of going to a rogue practitioner, which could result in permanent disfigurement, and the misfortune of anyone being able to buy ‘fake’ fillers online.

The rest of this blog post can be found on traceybell.co.uk.

Tracey Bell

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