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Our Study Clubs offer a fantastic opportunity to keep ahead of the latest developments in implant dentistry, discuss cases, share experiences and benefit from continuing professional development with like-minded professionals.

Joining a Study Club can be very beneficial to your learning, as a comfortable environment makes it easier to ask questions and allows for debate, which in turn help with mastering information.

We organise regular Study Club meetings at the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital and other locations in the North West of England for members of the dental team. As part of a Study Club you get access to a number of CPD courses in implant dentistry and related subjects.



Upcoming study club:

study club at ICE

  • January 17th 2020 

  • 9:00 – 16:15 (estimate finish) 

  • £50



  • Overview of latest research, including animal studies, and what these can teach us clinically
  • Review of protocol for socket grafting
  • Advanced mixing and preparation techniques achieving “wet”, ”normal” and “hard mixes
  • Advanced tunnel grafting, including staged approaches using EthOss with low primary stability
  • Complex sinus augmentations including both horizontal and vertical grafts, utilising Dask, Versah and other systems
  • Cyst removaI & opisectomies
  • Preision application of Ethoss with universal guided workflow



  • Lunch will be provided, but please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements so we can make the necessary arrangements for you
  • There will be certificates for 5hrs verifiable CPD that you will also receive via e-mail on completion of a course feedback form shortly after the event

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