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Your patients expect you to be competent to diagnose, plan treatment and carry out procedures efficiently and safely whilst behaving in a caring and ethical manner. There has been a rapid evolution of training and assessment methods used in medical/dental education – and hands on supervised/guided experience is key to clinical competence.

This is supported by the GDC/FGDP’s ‘Training Standards in Implant Dentistry 2016’, which stipulates that the skills and knowledge necessary for competence should be developed through a training course with a suitably trained clinician acting as a mentor.

Both of our MSc courses (Dental Implantology and Restorative Dentistry) involve practical work, both on models/animal heads, and on real patients, with guidance and feedback from a mentor. Our PGCert in Foundations of Digital Dentistry is a little different as it is more about incorporating new technology into your practice, but hands on work still plays an important part in getting to grips with the new technology.

ICE also runs short courses to address specific training needs, many of which involve hands on experience. We also have study clubs, which provide the opportunity to learn about and discuss a particular topic.

How will mentoring help you?

Mentoring offers clinicians a structured and proven pathway to learn new skills and expand existing ones, overcome obstacles and build on strengths to make positive choices and develop both practical and business skills.

You’re more likely to find patients, improve your clinical skills and achieve practice profitability with the support of mentoring. Joining the School of Postgraduate Dentistry at ICE gives you the support and confidence to engage confidently with an increasing number of patients each year whilst growing your implant and restoration business faster.

How do I find a mentor?

Mentoring is available as part of the MSc in Dental Implantology programme. Students will receive hands-on, supervised treatment experience on patients (min. 4 cases) provided by the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital within a structured learning environment that meets the training requirements of mentored clinical skills development, as expected by the GDC.

In the MSc in Restorative Dentistry, practical work is done in your own practices after supervised practice in a lab. A mentor will review your portfolio to offer feedback, and is also available for advise and guidance in advance of treatments.

At the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital, we make it our duty to partner you with an experienced mentor who can give you useful tips and advice throughout your training. Your mentor will be available to discuss cases, provide feedback and guide you through those all-important first cases to help you achieve your full potential.

Is stand-alone implant mentoring available?

Yes. We also provide mentoring outside of the MSc in Dental Implantology programme. To find out if you’re suitable for stand-alone mentoring please see the Structured Clinical Training page, but you would normally need to have already done a qualification in implantology to be eligible.

Human Factors Research

ICE is committed to developing its research to complement its clinical and educational profile. We have launched a new research strategy in collaboration with the University of Salford that builds on our existing work in Implant Dentistry and Human Factors which is supported by the General Dental Council.

Our main research streams are:

  1. Reporting and learning from adverse events and near miss in health care.
  2. Applying Human Factors Research to improve clinical standards and patient safety.
  3. Forming Policy and Strategies to prevent human error.

To support these streams, we will apply novel research methodologies and develop digital applications for the tracking and analysis of practice performance.

ICE will deliver valuable insight into Human Factors in dentistry by developing and evaluating new protocols; influencing national policy and providing a digital platform to enable our work to be accessed widely.

Expert Learning

Facilitate knowledge and skill development

Career Growth

Boost your career for personal and professional growth

Approved Mentor

Carry out your training with guidance from a highly experienced mentor

One-To-One Support

Ongoing assessment and feedback with your tutor/mentor(s)

Practice Profitability

Increase implant treatment uptake in your own practice(s)

Under One Roof

The majority of our courses are taught at the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute & Hospital in Salford Quays