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Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in 7 steps

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prevent the spread of covid-19 in 7 steps

Given the unprecedented situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), the team at ICE want to let you know what we are doing to help keep our patients, students and colleagues as safe as possible.

The health and wellbeing of our patients, students and colleagues is extremely important to us. We are committed to following official guidance from the government, ensuring all of our policies and procedures reflect the best available information and advice.

We would like to give you 7 steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

1. Wash your hands regularly.

As you will be aware, the most effective way to minimise the spread of coronavirus is regular hand washing. As an institute of clinical excellence, hand washing is inherent in the way we do things.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Cover your cough and catch all sneezes in a tissue or the bend of your elbow.

4. Practice self-isolating yourself and your loved ones by social distancing and avoiding areas you know will be crowded.

5. If you feel unwell, stay at home.

6. If you have any of the symptoms, please call 111 and seek the appropriate medical advice.

7. Get information from trusted sources.

There are a lot of myths and theories about COVID-19, but please make sure to get your information from a trusted site or source, such as the NHS and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Additionally, please visit our Coronavirus updates page for FAQs if you are a patient or student with ICE.

If you are a patient at ICE, please contact our dental team if you have any concerns about an upcoming treatment:

reception@icedental.institute or call 0161 413 8330

If you are a student, or are booked on an upcoming course, please contact the Programmes Administrator:

carl.morgan@icedental.institute or call 0161 413 8335