As specialist oral surgeons and trained implant dentists, we have established exceptionally high clinical and teaching standards, making us a leading provider of dental implant postgraduate education in the UK and Europe.

Our directors have spent many, many years developing teaching resources and frameworks in implant dentistry and trained hundreds of dentists and team members. One of our directors, Professor Cemal Ucer, contributed to the revision of the Training Standards in Implant Dentistry (TSID, 2012) and was a lead author for the European ADEE consensus workshop, which produced the guidelines for teaching in implant dentistry in Europe (2009–2013).


Cemal Ucer

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Professor Cemal Ucer (BDS, MSc, PhD, Oral Surgeon)

GDC number: 57048

Cemal Ucer first established an implant referral centre in 1995. He was awarded an MSc in implantology at Manchester Dental Hospital following his research into guided bone regeneration and osteopromotion, and later he has gained a PhD for his clinical and laboratory studies into the factors affecting the success of implant treatment in iliac grafts and the investigation of the effect of skeletal bone density on implant survival. He has personally trained and mentored more than 1000 dentists in implant dentistry.




Simon Wright

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Prof Simon Wright (MSc, PGDip Dental Implantology, BDS, PGCTLCP, FHEA)

GDC number: 77941

Prof Wright has been a principal partner of Glencairn Dental group of practices since 2002. He is a Founding Director of both Dental Implant Resource Ltd, and the ICE Hospital and Postgraduate Traning Centre. He completed the Trafford One Year Implant Course in 2004 and has gone on to complete his Diploma in Implant Dentistry and his MSc in Dental Implantology.

Prof Wright has a personal chair at the University of Salford, awarded for his practice and teaching in Dental Implantology. He is the Clinical and Module Lead for the Masters of Dental Implantology at Salford and Edge Hill University. He lectures nationally and internationally for Astra Tech, Straumann, the ITI, Mersey Deanery, and on the MSc courses at Salford, Manchester, Cardiff and Sheffield. Furthermore, he has been invited as a keynote speaker to many national and international Congresses and Forums. He is the co-author of the National Standards in Implant Dentistry – to be published later this year.

Prof Wright has won awards for his research papers, his current research interest areas are:

Patient Related Outcome Measures (PROM)

Prof Wright has gained national recognition for his work developing tools to measure PROM in dentistry. He is the chief clinical investigator of multi-centre research project investigating the ways that we can measure the benefit of dental implant treatment. He has developed an online patient tool, to audit and report upon the effectiveness of dental treatment. This is being developed for use in all areas of dentistry

Peri-Implant Disease

Prof Wright has written the algorithms that have been adopted as the standard protocols for the treatment of Peri-Implant disease. He has established a recognised referral centre for the treatment of both Mucocitis and Peri-Implantitis. He has co-authored the 2 guidance papers which have become established as reference papers in their respective domains. He is currently the clinical lead, investigating the outcome of a series of a case studies.

Human Factors and Implant Dentistry

Prof Wright has a keen interest in surgical performance and has been invited to the participate in the first ‘European Congress About Human Factors and Medicine’ in Paris. He has developed Human Factors as a major research theme at the university and is leading the National Drive for Patient Safety.

Prof Wright was also the Director of Education for the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI). Implant Dentistry is a postgraduate discipline and the structure, content and delivery of the Education and Training Programmes of the organisation is the responsibility of Prof Wright. He was also Editor of ARK, the online ADI Educational package.

Prof Wright also has a keen interest in teaching and is a trainer for young Foundation Dentists and nurses. He has written many courses for nurses and dentists, and has been gained his Postgraduate Teaching Certificate and Fellowship to the Higher Education Academy. He has personally trained and mentored over 800 Dentists and Nurses, and currently hosts the regional Study Clubs.

As well as Implant Dentistry Prof Wright is passionate about the NHS, and is very involved with dental politics. He has recently retired as the Chairman of the Local Engagement Network for the Wirral (the committee that advises on NHS Dentistry), the Wirral representative of the Local Professional Network (the local branch of the Commissioning board for the Department of Health), and a member of the Dental Reference Group (advising on contractual issues). He currently sits on the Local Dental Committee. He is passionate about quality and access within the NHS framework.




David Speechly

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Dr David Speechley (BDS, DMI RCS, Edin, MSc PG Dip Implant Dentistry)

GDC number: 50341

David restored his first implant in 1990, well before implants became mainstream, predictable and affordable. At that time, there were few (if any) recognised training pathways in dental implantology. In 2003 David gained his Diploma in Medical Informatics from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, and became a part-time lecturer at both Liverpool University Dental School and Liverpool University Medical School. David has lectured for commercial companies including Straumann and Astra and on MSc courses. He is a member of the Faculty of Examiners for the Royal College of Surgeons of England.



Gillian Crofts

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Dr Gillian Crofts

Gillian is actively involved in helping grow and establish ICE’s postgraduate education programme for the dental profession. Her passion lies in healthcare and academia and in her 20 years of experience has been responsible for many successful national and international programmes, actively promoting innovative teaching and learning whilst conducting and developing a substantial research profile. Additionally, Gillian is experienced in PhD supervision and assessment and is a skilled academic journal reviewer.

Over the years, Gillian has carried out a number of responsibilities on behalf of The College of Radiographers including undergraduate and postgraduate programme validations, contributing to academic reviews on behalf of the professional body as well as regularly lecturing at their workshops and conferences. Gillian is an experienced national and international external examiner in medical Imaging.

Contact: 0161 4138335,




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Daniel Naughton

is the Hospital Manager at ICE Hospital and Postgaduate Dental Institute. He has a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.

Contact: 0161 4138337,




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Jenny Jones

GDC number: 231741

Jenny is an RDN at ICE.

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