ICE Association (ICEa)

What is ICEa

Implant Centres of Excellence Association is a membership group that is designed to support professional and personal development within Implant Dentistry.  It is a platform created for peers and colleagues to learn and interact on all levels.

The ICE family

The Association is only a small part of the ICE family.  The larger group consists of an educational academy; the ICE Postgraduate Institute (ICEi) and a network of clinics; the ICE referral centres.  ICEi offers high quality courses and mentoring programmes, from informal courses to MSc level, whilst ICE consists of referral centres set up regionally to work in close cooperation with referring practitioners for local delivery of high quality dental implant treatment.


ICEa and you.

ICE is about support.  We provide structured support to our referring dentists by supporting  their continuous  professional development in implant dentistry so that they can incorporate implant treatment within their practices with ease, confidence, safety and our back up.   Through ICEi and ICEa there are  numerous opportunities available for referring dentists to become involved in implant education, training and mentoring at various levels of complexity (straightforward - advanced to complex) to suit different needs of all practitioners and DCPs.

The Cost of ICEa

Annual membership is complimentary for our referring practitioners. You can of course take advantage of the benefits of ICEa , if you are not a referring practitioner, for a fee of £125

ICEa Membership Benefits:

There are a number of professional services and products that we provide free for your benefit:

       Restorative kit for restoring dental implants as part of the new iRestore programme

       Regional Study Clubs Designed to be delivered locally, and informally.  These are interactive groups that range in format from a structured course (e.g. The restorative  foundation course),  peer-review type treatment planning sessions to members' case presentation awards.

        Members Inactive Forum An online chat-room for interacting with peers of all levels to discuss areas of interest.

        Ask the Expert A special resource that gives you instant feedback. Designed for that question you need answering whilst the patient is in the chair.

        Dental Implant Resources This is an online resource centre, which provides everything from patient education and consent, to auditing your/our outcomes.  The patient has a passport and log in, as does the clinic. Patient reported outcomes PROMS- really is the future of educating patients and monitoring the effect of advanced dental procedures on patients' quality of life improvement.

        Guidance papers Through our Institute (ICEi) we offer guidance papers and education documents on all aspects of Implant Dentistry from extractions, to maintenance.

        Dental Implant Courses-  are offered through ICEi from introductory lectures, iRestore restorative programme up to MSc level.  

        Patient literature Free brochures, posters and information for you and your clinic.

        We have partnered with the industry to offer you discount or good value products

        Direct access to ICE directors and experts for continuous advice and support