What do ICE Clinics offer?

ICE Centres and Hospital clinics offer: 

  • Straightforward implant treatment at ICE clinics in convenient locations in NW of England
  • Day-care or in-patient Hospital facilities at ICE Clinics at Ramsay Renacres (Ormskirk) & Ramsay Oaklands Hospital (Manchester) and ICE Hospital and Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry in Salford Quays, Manchester for the treatment of advanced/complex cases and reconstructive bone grafting
  • Management of Dental Anxiety and Phobia under the care of Consultant Anaesthetists as a daycase or on in-patient basis
  • Management of the elderly and medical compromised implant patients under the care of fully trained consultant/specialist medical team within the security of a private hospital
  • Training of implant dentists at ICE Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry
  • Treatment of complications and implant problems referred by other dentists at the ICE Centre for the treatment of Peri-implant Diseases in Salford Quays
  • Peer review and clinical mediation for the diagnosis and remedial treatment of implant complications
  • ICE institute : training for the whole team at all levels from introductory courses to MSc in ID
  • ICE Association- collaborative CPD and clinical support