What is ICE Institute?

ICEi has been developed by some of the UK’s most experienced implant clinicians and educators who, between them, have decades of experience in teaching and training hundreds of nurses, hygienists, dentists and mentors in the field of dental implantology. 

Dental implantology necessitates postgraduate education and clinical skills development under supervision of an experienced mentor as it is not taught fully at an undergraduate level. ICE Postgraduate Institute has been set up to provide an educational platform for general dental practitioners to help them to integrate dental implantology to their practices at various levels of clinical skills. The overall objective of ICE PG institute is to provide education and training in implant dentistry at different postgraduate levels ranging from University PGDiploma courses to Masters programmes and clinical school of implant dentistry.  ICE also provides stand-alone restorative implant courses for general practitioners (iRESTORE) with the purpose of enabling  GDPs to integrate straightforward restorative implant treatment into their practices (according to FGDP/GDC Training Standards guidelines) with the support of the ICE faculty and the clinical team.


The fundamental principles of ICEi are:

1)     Provide accredited postgraduate education and clinical training in implant dentistry for GDPs

2)     Provide blended learning courses mixing theory with clinical experiential learning

3)     Provide full and continuous clinical support to GDPs and their team members 

4)     Promote team approach and clinical partnership in education and raising clinical standards