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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Personal hygiene

Please make sure to catch all coughs and sneezes and wash your hands regularly


Avoid all mass social gatherings and reduce public transport to essential journeys only

Contact 111

If you feel you have a fever, dry cough and are struggling to breathe

What you need to know

Last updated: 31 March, 2020

Given the unprecedented situation regarding coronavirus, the team at ICE had been doing everything they could to keep the practice open and everyone safe, but it became clear that to help maintain social distance and a high standard of patient care, they needed to go one step further and close the practice completely.

The health and wellbeing of our patients, students and colleagues is extremely important to us. We have been committed to following official guidance from the government, ensuring all of our policies and procedures reflect the best available information and advice.

Keeping our clinics clean and safe

As you will be aware, the most effective way to minimise the spread of coronavirus is regular hand washing. As an institute of clinical excellence, hand washing is inherent in the way we do things. We pride ourselves on high standards of hygiene and cleanliness across the business, and have taken every opportunity to remind our teams to follow the robust procedures that are already in place. We maintain full compliance with HTM0105 guidance in regard to decontamination and sterilisation of equipment.

Keeping you informed

As of  Wednesday, 25th March, ICE closed completely for an indefinite period. During this period of closure, we will continue to provide you with advice and information in relation to clinics, courses and treatments.

Please note, if you have any appointments with us, the dental team will be in contact, if they haven’t already, to postpone all appointments until further notice.

Unfortunately, the impact of coronavirus will inevitably effect some of our scheduled courses and clinics for an indefinite period. Please see the below questions and answers for further information.


I have an appointment booked - should I still come in?

As of Wednesday, 25th March, ICE closed completely for an indefinite period. Whilst this is a temporary closure, we will not stop to provide you with advice and care, in relation to clinics, courses or treatments.

Please note, if you have any appointments with us, the dental team will be in contact, if they haven’t already, to postpone all appointments until further notice.

I have a course booked - should I still come in?

Upcoming courses that are postponed until further notice:

  • NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing –Record of Competence submission date has been moved back to 1st September. The Exam is still scheduled for 11th September. (please see course page). Students have been offered the option to defer to the next exam which will be in March 2021.
  • Maintaining and Treating Peri-Implant Tissues – 1st & 2nd May, 2020
  • Dental Radiography – 13th July 2020 – 17th July, 2020
  • MSc Dental Implantology – all face to face teaching is suspended and is being replaced by live streamed and recorded lectures using the University of Salford Blackboard system, wherever possible. Clinical days are postponed and will be rearranged.

If you have any further concerns in relation to your course, please contact the Programmes Administrator and Business Manager, Carl Morgan: Tel: 0161 413 8335, Email: carl.morgan@icedental.institute

Are you still taking referrals?

Yes, but we are not actioning at them at the moment.

Once we receive your referral, we will send out a confirmation letter acknowledging it, however we are unable to determine a consultation date at this time.

Please note: We are continuously updating our policies and procedures following government guidelines. 

What are you doing to stop the spread of COVID-19?

At ICE, we routinely follow a diligently clinical hygiene regimen, however we are now being extra vigilant using robust infection control procedures. These include wiping down surfaces, having hand sanitiser readily available in common areas and deep cleaning the hospital out of hours.

Who is your COVID-19 lead?

As an advisory measure, by the British Dental Association(BDA), we have elected our lead nurse and clinical manager, Jenny Jones, as the COVID-19 lead at ICE.

This means that they will be the point of contact if you suspect you have COVID-19 or if you have been in contact with someone who has the symptoms and you have recently been to ICE.

Please contact Jenny Jones by email: jenny.jones@icedental.institute

What are your arrangements in place if someone gets COVID-19?

ICE has a procedure in place to identify and isolate potential transmission between staff and patients. However, in the event of a suspected case, we would rapidly move into a decontamination phase (cleaning and disinfection) at the hospital.


Who can I speak to about more information?

Please contact our dental team on 0161 413 8330 if you have any concerns regarding your appointment with us.

Please visit our contact page if you would like to get in touch with any other member of our team, including the Manchester Dental Implant Clinic.

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