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Colette’s Complementary Therapies

Evidence based provider of postgraduate dental education for dentists and dental nurses. Dental hospital providing specialist dental treatments to the patients including dental implants, prosthodontics, orthodontics and endodontics clinics.

Overcome Your Fears with Colette


A compassionate therapist with a positive, calm and soothing
demeanor, dedicated to empowering others to live a fearless life

I feel I am now on a mission to help more people discover how hypnotherapy alleviates physical and emotional pain, as well as breaking harmful habits like smoking, overeating and anxiety.”

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pain relief

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Learn to manipulate your pain by turning it down, ignoring it and paying attention to what you really want in life. 

stress & anxiety

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Stress is a heavy demand on your mind and body – give yourself peace of mind by unwinding in a session to alleviate the tension.

weight loss

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If you feel like your cravings control you rather than you them, hypnosis will help improve your motivation. The end result? Your confidence back!

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Colette’s other areas of practice:



Crystal healing



Neuro-linguistic programming

Swedish and deep tissue massage

hypnotherapy at ICE


Read our interview with Colette about FAQs of hypnotherapy

Want to know more about how Colette can help you?


  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fears and phobias
  • Stop smoking cessation
  • Weight loss control management
  • Pain management control
  • Sports performance
  • Self confidence and low self esteem
  • IBS control

What ever your issue, with a few sessions, Colette will be able to enable you to live a painless life.


I visited Colette for help with boredom snacking/overeating and in particular my out of control obsession with crisps. After one session of hypnotherapy with Colette she has managed to break the cycle and I haven’t wanted any crisps.”

– H. Sykes 

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