ICE Patient Charter

Patients treated within Implant Centres of Excellence (ICE) clinics, or as part of any educational activity under the auspices of ICE must at all times receive treatment of the highest quality deliverable in line with the following:

  1. Patients’ dignity must be respected at all times, this includes their right to privacy.
  2. Patients must at all times be treated in line with current good practice. 
  3. Individual practitioners must operate within their own level of competence, and comply with all instruction supplied by their mentors and educators.
  4. All individuals working within ICE must be able to demostrate appropriate comittment to continuing professional development, along with suitable registration of professional bodies as appropriate, and required indemnity.
  5. Patients must receive a written treatment plan in which the costs of that treatment are clearly shown
  6. Patients must receive a written treatment plan of appropriate detail, the content of which must be expained fully to the patient, ensuring it is understood. 
  7. Appropriate consent must be given prior to treatment
  8. Practitioners working within ICE must use an evidence based modern decision making process in crtically appraising new products and techniques before employing them in practice in accordance with clinical guidelines
  9. ICE management will ensure all equipment used is fit for purpose and properly maintined
  10. Patients must be given appropriate post operative care and instructions, including emergency contact number.
  11. Practitioners working within ICE will cooperate with referring dentists to ensure successful outcomes for the patient including appropriate maintenance.
  12. All ICE members and students must keep a log of their implant cases and audit their practice regularly in line with current training standards in Implant Dentistry
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