What We Do?

Implant Centres of Excellence (ICE) clinics offer:

  • A highly trained and qualified team that has been setting the standards in postgraduate training in Implant Dentistry in the UK for more than two decades.

  • An outstanding team that "trains the trainers" in implant dentistry

  • The highest standards of care with personal and individual attention at centres of excellence  and hospital clinics conveniently located in the NW of England

  • Advanced bone and soft tissue reconstructive surgery within private hospital settings 

  • Evidence based treatment planning supported by clinical governance and regular audit of our results

  • State-of the-Art facilities of the ICE Hospital and Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry as well as two Private Hospitals with fully equipped operating theatres run by fully trained dedicated dental/medical/nursing staff

  • University accredited training programmes: MSc in Implantology for dentists, on-going CPD Courses & study club meetings for  referring practitioners, hygienists, nurses and associates through  ICE Postgraduate Institute (ICEi) and ICE Association (ICE a)

  • Pain & Anxiety Management (including iv sedation and GA) under the care of a team of highly experienced Consultant Anaesthetists and supporting medical staff.

  • Day-case or in-patient care facilities for the treatment of complex & advanced cases the elderly or medically compromised dental implant patients in total security of hospital environment. 

  • Comprehensive support and complementary study club meetings for referring practitioners and their staff (ICEa)

  • On-line advisory and support service through ICE association

  • Use of our specially written on-line patient reported outcomes/audit software (PROMS) for the benefit of our referring practitioners and patients alike

  • Comprehensive support & maintenance packages for referring practitioners

  • Edge Hill University validated Mentee School (Bebington, Wirral) for clinical training of implant dentists

ICE (Implant Centres of Excellence) clinics 

Our ICE centres & Hospital clinics are situated at convenient location in NW of England: 

  • ICE Clinic, Whitefriars, Chester, Cheshire 
  • ICE Clinic and Mentee School, Bebington, Wirral 
  • ICE Clinic, Rodney Street, Liverpool
  • ICE Clinic at Ramsay Renacres Hospital near Ormskirk, Southport and Formby 
  • ICE Hospital and Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry in Salford Quays, Manchester

ICE Centres and Hospital clinics offer: 

  • Straightforward implant treatment at ICE clinics in convenient locations in NW of England
  • Day-care or in-patient Hospital facilities at ICE Clinics at Ramsay Renacres (Ormskirk) & Ramsay Oaklands Hospital (Manchester) and ICE Hospital and Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry in Salford Quays, Manchester for the treatment of advanced/complex cases and reconstructive bone grafting
  • Management of Dental Anxiety and Phobia under the care of Consultant Anaesthetists as a daycase or on in-patient basis
  • Management of the elderly and medical compromised implant patients under the care of fully trained consultant/specialist medical team within the security of a private hospital
  • Training of implant dentists at ICE Postgraduate School of Implant Dentistry
  • Treatment of complications and implant problems referred by other dentists at the ICE Centre for the treatment of Peri-implant Diseases in Salford Quays
  • Peer review and clinical mediation for the diagnosis and remedial treatment of implant complications
  • ICE institute : training for the whole team at all levels from introductory courses to MSc in ID
  • ICE Association- collaborative CPD and clinical support


ICE Clinics offer easily accessible implant treatment at convenient locations in Chester, Wirral, Liverpool Rodney Street and private hospitals in Ormskirk/Renacres and ICE Hospital in Salford Quays, Manchester.
• Most of our implant cases are provided in ICE dental clinics under normal dental injection (LA)
• We use only the most documented and researched European implant systems such as Straumann (Swiss) and Sweden & Martina (Italian) implant systems and well proven techniques
ICE Team that includes highly trained dental and medical specialists, highly experienced implant dentists, associates as well as trainee implant dentists & nurses offer implant treatment from most straightforward (single implant) cases to highly complex oral implant reconstructions using hard and soft tissue grafts, extra oral grafting and multiple implants. 
ICE Hospital clinics offer day-care or in-patient treatment under sedation or GA for the treatment of major cases including intra or extra oral bone grafts
• Day care or in-patient implant treatment for the elderly and medically compromised patients under supervision of a team of highly trained dental/medical specialists/consultants
Pain and Anxiety Management (incl sedation/GA) for the nervous patients under the care of a team of consultant anaesthetists
• ICE Centres also offer support and treatment of implant complications, failed restorations and treatment of peri implant diseases
• ICE Centres offer advisory service, peer review and clinical mediation in disputes between dentists & their patients.


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