ICE Family

ICE Foundation consists of three distinct professional groups;   

  • ICE clinics- a network of clinics and hospital centres dedicated to dental implantology, 
  • ICE institute (ICEi) which is an educational academy dedicated to Postgraduate Dental Implant training 
  • ICE association (ICEawhich has been set up to provide, day to day, professional and practical information & support to clinicians and the entire dental team. 

ICEi offers dentists highly structured & accreditted postgraduate courses and mentoring programmes, ranging from informal courses to validated MSc degrees, whilst ICE is a referral service of regional clinics and a hospital based hub offering all aspects of Implant Dentistry including inpatient treatment for major reconstructive bone grafting and dental implant surgery.

ICE Association is a membership group that is designed to support professional and personal development within Implant Dentistry to all members of the dental team and referring practitioners.  It is a platform created for peers and colleagues to interact, cooperate and collaborate on all levels for mutual development and support. ICEa also incorporates Dental Implant Resources software (DIR) which is an online based patient reported outcomes measure (PROMS) software which is used to track patient satisfaction and quality of care. 

ICE Distribution is UK exclusive distributor of Sweden & Martina implant system, a market leader premium implant system from Italy with cost effectiveness in the value segment of the market.  

Ice is lead by three clinical directors; Dr Simon Wright, Dr David Speechley and Professor Cemal Ucer. 

Purpose of ICE 

The ICE directors have spent many years developing teaching resources and frameworks in implant dentistry and trained hundreds of dentists and team members. Professor Cemal Ucer has been a member of the FGDP (UK) workgroup that revised the Training Standards in implant Dentistry (TSID, 2012) and a lead author of the European ADEE consensus workshop which produced the guidelines for teaching in implant dentistry in Europe (2009-2013).  ICE provides local support and collaborative professional development to local and regional dentists in the field of implant dentistry. 

Clinical experience and unique teaching and organizational expertise of the ICE Team in implant dentistry allows ICE to offer:

  • Highest standards of care for the provision of dental implant treatment at all levels of complexity 
  • Accredited postgraduate university training for dentists (MSc in Dental Implantology in partnership with Edge Hill University) and courses for the whole dental team in implant dentistry 
  • University accredited Mentor training courses for ICE mentors/tutors
  • Clinical mentee school for dentists and DCPs including hygienists to develop clinical skills at the workplace under supervision of ICE mentors 
  • Clinical portfolio development under mentor supervision  at the ICE Mentee School
  •  On line patient reported outcomes measure (PROMS) software designed to monitor and audit patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes. The software has been developed to satisfy national and European regulations that are currently been developed. 
  • Assistance in marketing implants for associate and affiliated practitioners
  • Advanced and complex hospital based reconstructive dental implant treatment when necessary
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