The ICE Family, ICEa and you

The ICE family

The Association is only a small part of the ICE family. The larger

group consists of an educational academy; the ICE institute and

a network of clinics; the referral centres. ICEi offers high quality

courses and mentoring programmes, from informal courses to MSc

level, whilst ICE consists of referral centres set up regionally to work

in close cooperation with referring practitioners for local delivery of

high quality dental implant treatment.

ICEa and you.

ICE is about support. We provide structured support to our

referring dentists by supporting their continuous professional

development in implant dentistry so that they can incorporate

implant treatment within their practices with ease, confidence, safety

and our back up. Through ICEi and ICEa there are numerous

opportunities available for referring dentists to become involved

in implant education, training and mentoring at various levels of

complexity (straightforward - advanced to complex) to suit different

needs of all practitioners and DCPs.

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