Temporary Devices

Temporary Devices

There may be a time during the treatment that you have gap. This can be temporised to ensure that you always have teeth. You will be able to work and live as normal with these temporary devices.

Temporary Teeth during implant treatment

It is very rare that we would ask you to leave the temporary device out of your mouth for a few days. If this is the case you team will tell you with plenty of notice. Normally a temporary denture or plate is constructed well in advance of your implant procedure which you would deb able to wear throughout all stages of the treatment until the implant tooth/teeth are connected to the implant fixtures.

A number of temporary devices are available:

  • Denture
  • An adhesive Bridge (glued to the adjacent teeth temporarily)
  • Essex guard – this is a clear guard lips over your teeth
Rarely teeth can be connected to the implants without a period of waiting for the implant to bond with the surrounding bone tissue. Not every case is suitable for "immediate" connection of the tooth/teeth to the implant at the time of placement of the implant fixture (immediate loading). Various factors including condition of the bone & gum, aesthetic considerations, type of the implant reconstruction, number and size of the implant(s) etc affect the decision whether or not an implant can be "immediately loaded"

Your dentist will help you decide which is best for you.


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