Treatment Process

Treatment Process

There are a number of stages to dental implant treatment. This is to ensure that you receive the treatment that is appropriate for you and you get the end result that you expect.

1. Patient Info

You will be given all the information that you need to make an informed decision about your treatment options.

2. Treatment Plan

Your dental team will develop a treatment plan with you. For this you will need to have a full examination, and some xrays.


Sometimes the bone in your jaw may have shrunk away, if this is the case we may request a 3-D scan to give us a computerised image of your jaw bones.

At the end of this appointment you will be given a written summary of your treatment planning discussion and you will be given the expected cost of your treatment.

3. Surgery

Before this appointment you would have had any routine treatment and your teeth and gums would have been cleaned. You may be asked to carry out some tasks around the time of this appointment these may include:

  • Taking some antibiotics
  • Rinsing with a mouthwash
  • Not driving your car
  • Bring a friend or relative with you.

The surgery is usually a simple and minor procedure. It is carried out under sterile conditions and is totally painless - you usually have the same anaesthetics that you do when having a filling. Depending on each individual case it may take 30 mins for a single tooth, upto several hours for a whole mouth operation.


After the surgery you may get some bruising and swelling, however this is usually adequately controlled with normal painkillers. It is very important that you follow the instructions given to you after the surgery – these are detailed in the Post operative information stage.

You will need to have your mouth checked a couple of times to ensure your healing is uneventful. One of these may be to remove the stitches after about 10 days.

The bone will now fuse with the implant, this is known as integration. This normally takes between 6 weeks, but may be as long as 6 months if bone grafting is needed.

4. Restoration Phase

After period of integration, where the bone heals onto the implant, the restoration can fitted. This usually involves one or two appointments.

The first involves have a mould or a digital impression taken of your mouth. This is then sent to a technician to fabricate your teeth. The final appointment is to fit the restoration.

Sometimes we build in more restorative appointments if we need to change the shape of you gums, or check the appearance.

5. Maintenance and Follow-up.

You will need to look after your implants and have then checked every 6 months.


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