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4 Reasons You Need a Mentor While Studying Dentistry

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mentor while studying dentsitry

If you’re studying a postgraduate dentistry course you’ll also need a mentor to support you, and here’s why.

You’re newly qualified and your patients expect you to be competent to diagnose, plan their treatments and carry out procedures efficiently and safely, whilst behaving in a caring and ethical manner. Sound daunting?

There’s been a rapid evolution of training and assessment methods used in medical/dental education – and hands-on supervised, guided experience is key to clinical competence.

Finding an effective mentor to support you while studying dentistry

1. Career growth

There are various pathways available to anyone who has postgraduate qualifications; for example, a dental nurse, depending on the size of the dental practice, could progress into becoming a senior nurse, an NVQ assessor or even become the practice manager.

Dentists can use their post qualifications to focus on their own niche area of dentistry such as restorative dentistry or even non-surgical facial aesthetics.

If you want to be a specialist, further education is an absolute pre-requisite.

dental further education
Study postgraduate dentistry courses at ICE.

2. One-to-one support

At ICE, we make it our duty to partner you with an experienced mentor who can give you useful tips and advice throughout your training. Your mentor will be available to discuss cases, provide feedback and guide you through those all-important first cases to help you achieve your full potential.

Mentoring is available as part of the MSc in Dental Implantology programme in partnership with the University of Salford. Students receive hands-on, supervised treatment experience on patients (min. 4 cases) provided by ICE within a structured learning environment that meets the training requirements of mentored clinical skills development, as expected by the GDC.

Your mentor will be available to discuss cases, provide feedback and guide you through those all-important first cases to help you achieve your full potential.”

3. Practice profitability

Mentoring offers clinicians a structured and proven pathway to learn new skills and expand existing ones, overcome obstacles and build on strengths to make positive choices and develop both practical and business skills.

You’re more likely to find patients, improve your clinical skills and achieve practice profitability with the support of mentoring. Joining the School of Postgraduate Dentistry at ICE gives you the support and confidence to engage confidently with an increasing number of patients each year whilst growing your implant and restoration business faster.

4. Expert learning

If you’ve already been working in dentistry for some time now, you’ll already understand that it comes with both its rewards and challenges. However, a mentor creates a supportive environment so you can solely focus on evolving your skill set and carving your own pathway for the future.

Once you’re lucky enough to find the right mentor, you’ll rapidly notice the evolution in not only your clinical skill set, but also your reflective and communicative skills, as your mentor supports you to develop your reflective skills following an evidence-based approach. And, ultimately, this will transfer to your relationship with your patients.

Please note, in addition to the above, a mentor should:

  • Be GDC registered;
  • Have indemnity cover;
  • Have suitable training and experience (must have previously taught others);
  • Have formal postgraduate qualifications in a specialised subject .

If you would like to receive expert learning and you want to start enjoying the benefits of career progression, study postgraduate dentistry courses at ICE. Visit our courses page which has a full index of specialist courses for dentists, nurses and hygienists.

Alternatively, please contact our Programmes Administrator, Carl Morgan: carl.morgan@icedental.institute.

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